Thursday, 1 November 2007

Take wing and fly... Thursday 1st November


I hope Halloween was a good time for you all last night - I went to a great party... and played at being a wicked witch for the evening rather than the good faerie.... and after a very late to bed.... got up early and flew off to teach wing making today.

As always, when I teach I FEEL something magical happens and its remarkable just how many designs can come out of people's imagination. We were working in pink, purple and red today and it was such a vibrant experience. I just love to see adults free themselves up and play. .. and so when my new studio opens on December the 9th, - the first open day - I know there will be lots of adults wanting to come and play and make wings for the children and grand-children. .. or maybe themselves to hang on the wall. There are going to be some lucky young people out there receiving fantastic wing gifts from mums, dads and grand parents this year and next.

I shall endeavour to put a photo at the very bottom of this page... so you can see what I was up to... when I made some "training wings" ... so do scroll right back down.

Things are hotting up for my move, though it's rather daunting thinking about shifting all those boxes ... so I need to call on the faeries to find helpers.... and like minded poeple to help me turn this blank studio space into a wonderful faerie grotto. .... so let's see what happens...
and that's all for this evening... as the Faerie Lady has much to do...
faerie sparkles to you all.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Soon you can come and play

Don't you just love to play? But do you have the time or do you make the time? A lady came into my present studio today and was excited by what she saw. She didnt know which faerie to look at first - or which faerie wings she would choose to wear. When I told her I was opening a new studio in Southsea in December, and that she could come and play and make her very own faerie, her face lit up. She was overjoyed. She will probably the first to come to my faerie making "play -shops" . From my recent conversations, it seems that my new studio will be home to many adults who want to express their creativity and just enjoy colour and fizz the "faeriefizz" way. Well, of course I am all for it. Age is no barrier.

I finished three sets of wings today - I was drawn to a mix of lime green and shocking pink - which looked wonderful together ... and some tiny golden faeries, and its so hard to think of parting with them. I just fall in love with the colours and glitz ... it's hard to let them fly - but fly they will ... to someone new - maybe you - and unlock some long held dreams. Maybe it will be you.... or you ..... or even you ???

That's what I love about my work - well its not really work - it's a sort of serious play time - but I love the fact that someone else's dreams have the opportunity to come to the surface....

so keep on dreaming .... and I 'll keep on making and be back writing again very soon...

with faerie sparkles to you all,

Friday, 19 October 2007

Fantastic Faerie sparkling news Friday 19th October 2007

Fantastic faerie sparkling news .... I have been looking for a studio nearer to home and no sooner had I put my wish "out there" ... than something popped up. Naturally I asked the faeries to help me once again .... and of course they did cos they do help dreams to come true .... you just have to believe in yourself and them .....

... and so a wonderful space has become available in Southsea Town centre. So all you lovely people who have been wanting to come and see my wonderful collection of faeriefizz faeries, and those who said they want to come and discuss a specially comissioned life story heirloom faerie - you can. Those of you who want to make your own faerie or faerie wings, soon you can visit me too ..... There's something for everyone.

From 9th December I hope to be in my new studio in Southsea, Hampshire. The faeries even arranged a welcome plate ... which says "welcome to the fairy garden" .... they may have the spelling a tad different to mine - but they evidently knew that I was on my way.... isn't synchronisity just wonderful.

Lots of grown ups ( adults!!) have been talking to me and they want to come and play too - and I think that's just great. We grown ups spend so much time working and so little time is left for enjoying and playing ...... so come and spend time in the Faeriefizz Faerie Studio and unlock your dreams .... at a faeriefizz workshop - there's wonderful food and faerie cakes there too ....

and if you want to bring youngsters to a workshop to make their own faerie or wings ... they MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

You have plenty of time before Christmas to come and make something fun and special and sparkly for yourself or someone you love.

If you take Sewing World magazine you'll see my faerie project in this month's edition (out 20 October) .. and if you don't want to make the doll yourself then there's a wonderful NO SEW kit which lets you become a designer ... it includes a ready made bendable doll - ready for you to create her hair, her face, makeup and costume.... such fun .... and they each come in a pretty re-usable shoulder bag.

... and the faeries have been helping me to design more patterns for you to make your very own faeriefizz faeries .... so you can see I have been very busy.

I look forward to welcoming you ... very soon....
faerie sparkles to you all. The Faerie Lady FREYA

Monday, 1 October 2007

the sparkle is winging its way

September sparkle

The past few months have been such a busy time for me and my faerie world. .... and so I am sorry that you were all left in the dark .

I moved house and the faeries helped me find the most perfect location. I am now happily settled and so this is the first time to tell you what's happening in the world of Faeriefizz. September saw the launch of the NO Sew ragged rainbow faerie kit and faeriefizz ragged rainbow and forest faerie patterns. I had such fun designing these simple patterns and creating costumes for the kit faeries.... the golden Christmas one glistens. There was wonderful coverage in Sewing World Magazine and my phone and emails have been busy with orders. I can just picture hands beavering away creating their very own faerie .. or for a freind and helping their dreams to come true.

I was wearing my magical faerie wings with a matching tiara around town at the weekend .. sprinkling stardust to help dreams come to the surface. The community was celebrating the 100th anniversary of our local theatre. There was street music, street theatre and wonderful costumes, not to mention great food. It was lovely to see so many families out to enjoy the day - and the sun came out too ..

.... and today when I answered the phone, a young caller asked to speak to the faeries. I was so happy to chat - and even happier to tell the young lady, that in December I will spreading faerie dust and sparkle when she comes to the new faerie making and wing making workshops in Southsea. Which reminds me I must get the faeries to deliver a very large bag of sparkle in readiness. Now I must fly.... more later .....

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tuesday 12th June 2007

Hello. I was about to update my blog when I saw the lovely comment from Amelia whom I met the other afternoon. So I'll do a special thank you to Amelia, and then add more to my blog another time.

So Amelia.... It was so lovely to receive your comment on my blog .... and I so enjoyed meeting you at the show when you came to see my faeries. I enjoyed showing you how to make faerie hair and how to put on make up on a "kit" faerie. You learned very quickly. Please say thank you to your mum for being patient while we enjoyed time together. I hope your small faerie is sitting somewhere very special at home - maybe in your bedroom? She will watch over you. So Amelia, send an email to me personally ( not via the blog) and we can keep intouch - though you can add your commetns to my blogspot any time.

Everyone loves the faerie with the pink hair and the engagement ring .... she is on the front page of my website. ( and maybe you can show her to your friends.

So, I had a great weekend at the Stansted House show. The weather was beautiful. I met so many lovely people who were happy to share my world of character faeries. The expressions on people's faces was pure joy as they looked at them all. Seeing your smiles was so uplifting. That's what life is about - bringing colour and joy into other people's lives.

For those of you who bought the faerie kit to make your own ragged rainbow faerie , I hope you get lots of pleasure. Let me know. For those who weren't able to make it, I'll be back at Stansted House for their Christmas Fair inside the beautiful house from the 23rd to 25th November 2007 with some special Christmas faeries. Maybe I'll see you there.

I send you all faerie wishes and to Amelia I send faerie dusted sparkle til we next meet. Freya, The Faerie Lady.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Monday evening

Well, I've had a great day at the computer... was home alone most of today and so I caught up on typing all my flyers for faerie kits and for a garden show and craft fair I'm doing in June ... a great sense of satisfaction getting it all finished .

.... so I guess I need to thank the weather for being the weather .... but I reminded myself that all work and no play makes Jack ( or The Faerie Lady in this case ) a dull girl - so I went back in time and watched Noel in Swap shop - memories ... magical (showing my age now)... I just soaked up the colour along with a glass or two of ruby red wine... .... now there's a rich colour for a pair of faerie slippers I have in mind ....

And then I read an article on fairy folklore in Iceland.... yes Iceland. One small fishing town rich in myths about fairies give a tour with a free fairy map ... and in some places they even move building projects so as not to disturb fairy homes. Now isn't that just magical? Flights are not too expensive, according to the article, so there's something to put on my wish list, though I have a yen to do a trip to Australia this year on my own faerie quest.

... and finally for today, Sandra , thank you for your comment... it's kinda new doing this writing stuff and I'll get the hang of it soon... mmm ......I noticed quite a few finger spelling mistakes too - oops! More another day.